Illydrip clothing’s determined to push the boundaries of fashion and to get one person at a time to think outside of the box. Making a fashion statement means you’re bold, you’re fierce and you’re not afraid of what other people might think is cool or uncool. New fashions trends always get peoples attention whether to laugh, to admire, to despise or in our case to turn heads and stare in Awe.

Marc illy: From Global Travels to High-Fashion Drip

Designed and owned by musician and entrepreneur Marc illy. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa for a small-time, then Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Boca Raton, FL. He has spent about 16 years on and off of his life in California. Marc also spent 4 1/2 years living and traveling in Asia, in Taipei, Taiwan predominantly. So his fashion sense & style has seen so many different cultures and creeds across the globe. Marc has visited over 40 countries in his lifetime and continues to visit more.

He has been quoted that his style he aims to design is High Fashion means Hype beast fashion with an elegant twist. The Big Drip Chains have started to make waves in Los Angeles, CA & a complete sunglasses line is on the way with more accessories as well.

Entrepreneur, Musician and Marketing guru Marc illy in Forbes Mastermind series